First create wealth and then make sure that it is well managed

No matter how old they are or at what stage of life they are, everyone has more than one opportunity, in fact, quite a few, to create their own wealth. The humble beginnings are always the postal or local bank savings account. It does not create much by way of interest but because the disciplinarian sticks to his guns he allows his funds to accumulate and over time compound interest sets in. By the time the first pinnacle is reached, the opportunity to create wealth is put in thrust.

The exercise of diversification can now begin at full throttle, but not after the homework was first done. It meets the old principle of never placing all eggs in one basket. The disciplined and wise investor turns his mind to recognized and accredited wealth management firms that are more than willing to show evidence that their investment strategies are at least feasible. They have the materials and ingredients that help show new clients that the proof is in the pudding.

They make their recommendations after completing their effective market research and development. They do not enforce the rule and allow the worthy investor to make the final decision. Services are rendered and fees are paid. But the annual fee that must be paid is minuscule in comparison to the annual returns that the investing client enjoys. He will not see it in his first year, nor, perhaps in the second year either.

But he is a patient investor. He has time on his side. He has made the decision to seek value on behalf of his growing portfolio and is always taking the long term view towards exponential wealth growth.